5 Tips & Tricks (Classical/Comedy)
Holograms (Sci-Fi/Drama)
Fantasy Noir (excerpt)
Carrie (Animated/Credits Cue)
Samantha (Romantic Comedy)
City Slick (Comedy/Animated/Jazz)
Dancing to a Memory (Drama)
Alone (Indie/Tragedy)
Paranoia (Thriller/Suspense)
Meteors (Orchestral/Cinematic)
Escape from El Dorado (Adventure)
Nixon's Ultimatum (Documentary)
Saving the Day (Superhero)
You Missed a Spot (Horror/Punk/Action)
Dreamlike (Drama/Period)
Snare (Thriller/Horror)
The Lightning Man (Drama/Horror)
Knightwatch (Horror)
Luna (Fantasy/Animated)
Father Hesburgh's Theme (Documentary/Drama)
Rafi's Theme (Drama)
A Night In the City (Jazz/Comedy)
Restart (Sci-fi)
Elegy (Tragedy)
Constellations (Electronic/Indie)
Running Out of Time (Action)
Improvise, Rhapsodize Theme (Comedy)
Adventure (Action)
Michelle and Andrew (Drama)
Wishful Thinking (Indie/Orchestral)